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Job Opening

Hello, I am in need of a test engineer for a long term contract job near Binghamton NY.

If this is not appropriate to put on this board, please forgive me and remove the post.

The company is a manufacturer of Fork lifts and similar OEM equipment and a good company to work at.
The location is fairly rural.


We have several software test engineers on site but need some help with someone that has Teststand or Veristand background.  Testand is our first choice but either could work.

Please reach out to me at 563-690-4014 if you are interested and send your resume to


Thank you!

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There is a LabVIEW Job Openings forum on here if you go to the special interest boards.


I emailed you with some quesitons about the position though.

~Will work for kudos and/or BBQ~
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