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Issues with parallel execution

I am having issues with opening TCP connection as well as SSH connections when running a sequence in parallel.


When opening a TCP connection, after a delay, one thread passes while the other gets stuck, resulting in the error "...exceeded user specified time limit".

I am connecting to local networks using two different network adapters.


The second issue is when using LabSSH to open SSH-connections, same thing here, one passes while the other is stuck.


When running the sequence with the sequential model there are no problems.

The first thing i found when searching was to use Reentrant execution in the VI:s, this made no difference. (I chose to "open VI front panel" to ensure that two clones were opened and that they used the correct IPs)

I broke out the code snippets which is causing the timeouts, images are included here.


When running the sequential model there are no problems and the whole sequence runs as expected.

I am using the Batch process model.

I am sure there is something simple that i am missing here, any help is appreciated.

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