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Issue when opening another axAppMgr (C# Teststand API)




I'm having an issue using teststand C# API.


My goal is to create two different UI depending on which group is the user in. As the interfaces are entirely different, i would like to open two different axAppMgr depending on the user who is logging.

I have been able to do that quite easily by launching two different  LaunchTestStandApplicationInNewDomain linked to two different wrappers but now i'm getting an issue when i try to swap from one UI to another using the login button. So I am able to close my first axAppMgr but when i wanna launch another, every component is getting initialisate without any issue but anytime i call for axAppMgr.GetEngine(), the method is crashing, and error message is telling that i have well shut down the engine and even if i don't call it, it crashes in the connectcommand section (not for every line of the section, like at the 4th one and i can't figure it out why but this is not my main issue anyway)


Isn't there anyway to reset the engine completely ? If not, can i tell in which engine i want to create the axAppMgr ? If u have other idea to achieve my goal, i'm open to hear that.


I'm hoping pretty fast answers from the community,

Have a good day !



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I'm joining here the error popup: Cannot create TestStand Engine

There is an existing Engine in memory that has shut down but has not yet cleaned up its resources. If you just exited a TestStand application running in LabVIEW, wait a few seconds before restarting the application. 

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