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Issue in Organizing Insertion Palette

I would like to know what is the correct procedure to do the following.
  1. I have created a Types.ini file with one custom step. I have organized this custom step under Datalogging folder in insertion palette.
  2. I have distributed the package to the customer and he is using it.
  3. Now i want to change the way how it looks in the insertion palette. Instead of Datalogging  group it should be like TS Utilities->Datalogging.
  4. To do this I have change the structure and saved my Types.ini file. It looks fine in my PC.
  5. If I distribute the new package to the customer, the insertion palette looks like the older one. This is because the insertion palette info is stored in GeneralEngine.cfg. If i delete, GeneralEngine.cfg it is working fine.
I would like to know how to make TestStand understand that it should use the info from Types.ini file and not from GeneralEngine.cfg. Even if i remove the Types.ini file from disk and open TestStand, the info is not getting deleted from GeneralEngine.cfg. I would like to know when the info about the types files will be removed from GeneralEngine.cfg.
Any help in this regard will be really helpful!
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