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Is there a way to select which sequence/sub-sequence to skip/run at sequence loadtime?

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I'm new in TestStand development and I'm searching for a way for an operator to select which test to run when opening the a sequence file. Let's say I have a sequence file, only containing a main, that calls subsequences which are families of tests. These families call sequences that are the tests that I want to run fully or partially. So this is a 3-layers architecture and when opening the first layer (the main sequence file) I want to select which tests to run on the third layer at loadtime so that the operator doesn't have to manually change the sequence files.


I want to have something like a pop-up list of all of the tests the operator would like to run.


Is there an easy way to do it or is it better to tell the operator to tick the "skip" option for the tests he does not want to run ?



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You can create a dialog which lists all the tests an operator can select. Store the results in a variable (for example booleans) and parse it to any subsequence as a parameter (or using FileGlobals).  Use them as precondition for test sequences.

See example attached.

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