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Is there a way to parse the (stdout) result from a 'call executable' test step

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It is simple to assign stdout to a single variable in TS...

But I would like for my executable (python script) to print to stdout an array of data and I want to populate/update several variables in my teststand sequence.

Is there a way to do this?

I don't really think it is possible with the expression browser? Perhaps it is?

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I found another forum post where someone had a similar question:


Sounds like compiling the executable into a dll may be easier to implement - check out the final comment for an explanation of it.


However, if you are able to get the output into stdout, you may be able to do parse it out in the post-expression, although you may still have the same issue. It may be easier to parse this by passing it to a LabVIEW VI.

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Also this:


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Yes I think that this is the best solution...

I can use all string manipulation functions and regular expression to extract the values I want...

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We also just announced a beta release of our upcoming Python Step Types for TestStand that will allow you to call into Python scripts without having to go through the call executable step and do string parsing. You can read more about the features in our announcement post here:


We'd love to get your feedback on the step types! You can sign up for the beta now at We'll be releasing the beta software next week.



Kevin F.

Product Support Engineer | Automated Test Software

National Instruments

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