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Is there a way to get all dependencies of a sequence in c#?

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Is there a way to get all dependencies (dll's, vi's,...) of a sequence file in c# without workspaces?

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I don't use C# but hopefully you have LabVIEW (to view the attached) and can translate it to C#.


I have done this sort of thing in the past for VIs, not for DLLs but I think it can be modified to include DLLs.  I found the process a bit convoluted (see attached VI).  Maybe there is an easier way to do it that I don't know about (there usually is). 


What I did was to use the TestStand API to get the paths to all the VIs in a sequence (see attached VI) and then use Get VI Dependencies (see below) to get the paths of the Dependencies from the reference of each VI found to build up a list.  See attached code for getting the VI paths from a sequence.  Its a bit rough and ready and will likely give you duplicates if the same VI is called from multiple places in a sequence but I think it should work and scaled to include DLLs and anything else you want.




VI Dependencies.PNG

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Thank you, I already got a solution for c#, will check your solution out too.

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Hi Seau1,


Can you share your solution for c#, please?

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Had to put it in a .txt file as i cant format it here. At the moment it only detects VIs and Dlls

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Hello, i cannot download any of those attached files - is it a problem in my company, or is it a problem of NI?

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@brosian I can still download the files, seems like there it gets blocked by your company

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