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Is there a way to disconnect the teststand from the switch so that the labview vi can use it without interruption

Hello All, 


I am using NI Switch executive in NI TestStand, unfortunately I am not able to switch independent relay through Switch executive (I need it for a specific purpose), to achieve this I am using LabVIEW to switch drivers to switch individual relay.   

In my sequence I will be using NI Switch executive and also LabVIEW driver for switching (a special Case), when I combine these 2 it is obvious that it will not work because of same resource from different locations.

I would like to close the reference opened by NI TestStand before I open in LabVIEW.


Can Some one help a function or method to close Switch executive reference from NI TestStand.

I should be able to use Switch executive again after closing LabVIEW (Switch)reference in same sequence.


Thanks and Regards


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Have you tried something like this?


You can also pass this handle I guess between LabVIEW and TestStand and manipulate your switch with this Switch Exec Manager.


I never used it but I'm guessing that could be the direction to investigate.


Also, there is NISE lib for LabVIEW

So why not to pass this session from LabVIEW to TestStand? 


Let me know if this make sense 😄

Michał Bieńkowski
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Not every issue known to NI will appear on this list; it is intended to only  Workaround - possible ways to work around the problem. Cannot use LabVIEW RTE to load a VI without saving the library  327928, TestStand does not update to display changes to MAX switch  In LabVIEW.

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I am looking for an expression in TestStand which will close the switch executive reference from TestStand. 


The closing of reference happens when the test execution is complete or when we terminate the sequence.  want to take this into my control so that I can have control on switch from TestStand and LabVIEW.


Thanks and Regards.


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Thanks for your time, I am not using switch executive in LabVIEW. Still I can try to close the reference from LabVIEW. I am not getting exactly what to pass to "NISE Session (in) " from teststand to LabVIEW (Parameter). 

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