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Is it possible to add an additional Step Group?

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I would like to add additional Step Groups, in an effort to better organize my test sequence.  This would be purely for visual organization purposes, and would not be related to calling sub-sequences.  I think the reports, as well as the documentation would be more easily read if there were a way to separate the sequence/groups into smaller sections.  I understand that this can be partially achieved by using sequence calls, but I have found that data logging is much more straight forward if I can keep the steps in the top-level sequence (I don't need to pass the data through parameters or variables).  


Please let me know if this is possible, or if there are other suggestions for better visual organization.  Thanks.



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Unfortunately you cannot add/remove step groups.  You can only ever have 3.


However, you can use the Label step and hide the icon, status and name.  You could use multiple label steps to get certain look:


Label step hide everything

Label step hide everything except name (name will be section description)

Label step hide everything


You can also change the icon of the label step to help identify the section as well.


Hope this helps,


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Excellent.  That will work just fine for what I need.  Thanks for pointing me to the Label step type.  Never had a reason to use it before.



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