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Is TestStand 2013 compatible with Visual Studio 2013?

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Is TestStand 2013 compatible with Visual Studio 2013?  Has anyone used them together?

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TestStand 2013 has several adapter types, please see the following screenshot. 




Visual Studio is an Application Development Environment (ADE), meaning that it works with several different programming languages. The idea is that all these languages use the .NET framework and libraries. TestStand and Visual Studio are compatible in the sense that you can create a .NET assembly in C#.NET or VB.NET from within Visual Studio and then use the .NET adapters in TestStand 2013 to call into those code modules. The real benefit comes in when you use our plugin, Measurement Studio, to develop test and measurement specific code. For more reading on that check this link out:

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Code modules you build should be compatible/runnable, however integration between TestStand and Visual Studio 2013 (for development and help with debugging, e.g. code templates, step into/out between TestStand and Visual Studio and include paths getting automatically updated in Visual Studio) might not work correctly in all cases since Visual Studio 2013 came out after TestStand 2013.


My understanding is that most things do work, some known minor issues are help file integration not working, and TestStand not recognizing which version of Visual Studio any projects you specify for the source code section of a step specification are from.


Hope this helps,


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Thanks. That's what I wanted to know.

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Hi Doug,


thanks for pointing out.

Currently i am still using VS2010 for my Teststand developements, but i am dealing to upgrade....
Which is your favourite Visual Studio or what do you prefer ?





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If anyone happens to use Veristand (Pharlap OS) you might want to stick with Visual Studio 2008.  We've been trying to graduate to 2010 for a long time, but keep running into problems.  



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