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Investigate if thread is locked

Is it possible to see if a thrad is locked. I does not have the lock name (not even if one was specified).


I miss a function like "RunState.Thread.IsLocked". Does anyone know if it is possible to get this information?


Thanks Vagn

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Hi! Looking at the documentation online for the Lock Step, it appears that there are a few properties that only exist if a thread is locked. Lock Step documentation here shows that the Step.Result.TimeoutOccurred property only exists if the thread is locked. 

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Hi Chantastic


Thanks for the answer but this is only valid for the lock step. If for instance the lock has been done on a subsequence call and I need to figure out inside the sub sequence if the sequence is locked or a previous lock step has locked the thread this information is not available.


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That is not how thread synchronization is typically done. What exactly are you trying to do?



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Hi Doug


Normally my customers use batchmodel for testing and (for some different reasons) needs to lock threads. Creating functions (typically a sub sequences or just a VI) for my customer i need, in some cases, to know if the thread is locked.


The customer has different options to lock the thread:

- "Lock" step

- "Use Lock to Allow....." in "Synchronization" under step properties

(- "Batch Synchronization -serial"  in "Synchronization" under step properties)


I can't use the suggestion by Chantastic! because I am not in the lock step and if the customer use the "Lock" in the synchronization tab the parameters does not exist.


Hope this answered your question Doug?




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Threads themselves are not locked, but rather they own locks and they can own more than one. Why do you need to know if the thread owns a lock?



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