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Invalid IVI Device Session

Hello Everyone,


I am currently using TestStand 2019 and have encountered a unique problem while using a switch matrix to perform a continuity test. The sequence in question will perform as expected for the first iteration of "Test UUTs", but the second time I try running the same test again it throws the following error:


this error. Error Code = -29038." When I've tried looking up this error code I couldn't find anything but I have noticed that it likely stems from the IVI device session not closing after the sequence has been run for the first time. I found a similar error in this forum but it didn't appear to contain a solution outside of closing the execution for the sequence file, which defeats the purpose of "Test UUTs" 


Does anybody have any insights on how to resolve this issue? I am sure there is some kind of "tear down switch executive IVI" step out there, but I can't seem to find it.


Attached is my .seq file for reference.


Thank you for your help,


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