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Interaction with running executable


Dear Teststand-Expert,


I am currently struggling with the following issue and would appreciate any available help 🙂


My Testsetup requires an executable to run. It is started once and used to interact with python-scripts which are called by teststand during the whole procedure of testing.


I am able to start the executable and since I want it to keep running I use "No wait" as a wait condition.

When finished with all tests I use C/C++ DLL call to Kernel32.dll to Terminate it's process and close the handle. This seems to work.


But what I need after starting the exe is a possibility to read the print of the console of that executable. This application loads a driver to external hardware which does only just write an error message to the console if loading failed. Since I want to skip all tests if the driver could not load, I need a possibility to read this print back before continuing.


When I set wait Condition to "wait for exit" I do get the message that I want but of course I want to read this message while the executable is still running...

Is there any way to pipe the command window print to teststand so that I can parse those outputs?


Thanks for all your comments 🙂


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Do you own the executable source?  Update the source to use TestStand SyncManger Queue, then in your sequence DeQueue the information you want. 


If you don't own the source, create a Wrapper assembly, that will launch the existing exe and return any messages.  Now update your sequence to call the wrapper assembly and get the response.

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Maybe try to redirect the stdout/stderr into a temporary file and read it from TestStand?

Mateusz Owczarek

Certified LabVIEW Architect
Certified TestStand Architect
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Currently I'm doing exactly what Mateusz suggests. This way is functional but more of a workaround.


Unfortunately I do not own the code. It is used by other colleagues who might not be willing to go the extra mile for testing integration.


Thanks for the hint regarding wrapping, ee-jallen. I'll investigate and see if it helps.



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