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Installing new TS deployment over old one



We have an old TS deployment installed into the production computer with couple of sequences using the LabVIEW modules. Now, there are new deployment which have code modules and new instruments with drivers which are not included in the older deployment. How does the deployment installer behave when you install new ones in parallel with the old modules? New ones are mainly located in different folders but some share the same instrument drivers such as NI VISA Runtime and for example database file .mdb and report style sheets. There is also new drivers such as IMAQdx. Does the installer replace those which already exist or skip them? I would like to be able to run old modules as well in the way they are now.




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Hi Jick, 


This would be very dependant on what the instrument drivers and software is that needs to be used by both. Could you possibly share what these would be?


Regarding IMAQdx, I am afraid that you cannot have two versions installed on the same computer as explained here. Some of them would be backwards compatible, e.g. the software would support a range of versions of LabVIEW as shown in the table under NI Application Software Support here


Kind Regards, 


Riley Ilieva 


Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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You should read through the Patching Deployments topic and related topics in the help. This explains upgrade behavior works for shared files and drivers.


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Thanks for your replies. I will take a closer look at those topics but it seems that patching needs the previous full installation .tsd file which I do not have. I think the best way is to create a new full deployment and see if it installs correctly. If not, then I backup old files, uninstall old and install new.




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