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Inject class instance to sequence parameters

I am looking for a way to do simple integration testings of my subsequences.

Goal is to pass fake implementations of modules to sequence parameters to see if it works accordingly.


What I would like to do is:

- declare class instance in labview or .net

- start teststand engine from labview or .net and pass crated classes to the sequence as parameters

- run sequence

- check if class state is modified accordingly


Has anyone used sequenceArgsParam  for this? :


sequenceArgsParam As Variant

[In] [Optional] Specifies a PropertyObject object that contains the arguments to the sequence you want to execute. Each subproperty of the PropertyObject object represents a parameter to the sequence. The subproperties must appear in the same order as the sequence parameters.




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Attached example what I am trying to do.

Sequence calls ITest interface, i want to inject implementation of that interface from labview and run sequence.

I can pass strings, numbers but no clue how to do it for class by value.



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