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In TestStand, How do I pass variables to a sequence, other than the standard Input Buffer?

I have Labview VIs that have arrays as inputs, I want to pass information in that array to the VI. TestStand already has the Input Buffer setup, but how do I create more input buffers, like array input buffers?? I know that the "Parameters" section in the sequence file is for passing info to subsequences, but that does not help me, Thank you in advance!!
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See the TestStand shipping example located in the directory \Examples\AccessingArrays\UsingLabVIEW. This will show you how to pass arrays back and forth from a VI to a sequence variable.

If you are trying to create a step that handles arrays, then you will need to create a new step type that has an array step property. There is an example on the NI web site of a step type that handles arrays. Go to and search the Examples Program database using the search string of:

+"step type" +waveform +teststand
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