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Importing/Exporting INF Limits

I have configured a TestStand sequence with a single NumericLimitTest step (using the LabVIEW Adapter but I am not sure that is relevant).  My step has a Lower Limit value of INF.  I can export my sequence properties successfully (including the LL), using the Import/Export Properties... in the TS Tool menu.  However when I import the properties back into my sequence, my LL of INF gets modified to "Infinity" (see post-import screen shot below).




At run-time my sequence works fine, TestStand recognises "Infinity" as infinity but it is a little bit strange that it is not recognised at design time.


I am guessing this is something that has been introduced to TS recently (ish) as I don't recall it working in that way on TS2012 (my previous version).  Any thoughts, suggestions or clarifications about why TS would work this way greatly received.



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Hi Steve,


I have tested in TS2016. Export/Import is working on -INF/+INF/INF there

(tested with "none" adapter)

Which version is not working for you?







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Thanks Jeurgen

I am running TS2016 as well.  I have not been able to reproduce the issue today, I have attempted to recreate what I did yesterday and I have also tried a similar sequence that uses the None Adapter both export and import INF limits fine Smiley Frustrated.

If I manage to get it doing it again I will post up the sequence and properties file.



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