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Import NI MAX Configuration file (*nce) programmaticaly

Hello all,


I want to import a NI MAX configuration file (*.nce file) programmatically. I know that there is a Labview VI that exists ( under Measurement I/O.System Configuration) but I want to do it directly in TestStand or by using a C# dll.

I tried to use the nisyscfg.dll directly in TestStand with the C/C++ adapter but TestStand returns the following error:




Any ideas about how to programmatically import a NI MAX configuration file (*.nce file) via TestStand or C# dll ?





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You should be able to include the MAX configuration in the TestStand deployment by following the instructions in the manual linked below. 

"Including Hardware Configuration Information in a Deployment": 

You should also be able to export the MAX configuration file without using LabVIEW by following the instructions on the knowledgebase article linked below. 

"Export the System Configuration in MAX": 

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