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Implementation of synchronization steps without using batch or parallel sequences

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We are using a custom built process model based upon the sequential process model. 

Do I need to invoke the Synchronization manager in order to use the synchronization steps when not using the batch or parallel process models?



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Accepted by topic author JamesSid

All synchronization steps and operations (Locks, Rendezvous, Notifications, Queues, etc)  will work in any model or without  a model, except for Batch synchronization.


If you need Batch synchronization, your model needs to use the Synchronization>>Advanced>>Batch Specification step type to specify which threads are in the batch. Since you aren't starting from the Batch model, I doubt you need to worry about that.

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I was not sure since all examples are with the process models.


Do you know of an example that does not use a process model?



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I was able to get it working....


Thanks for your help...

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