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I would like to remove seq path from report

I am using teststand 2012 with 5_horizontal.xls stylesheet. I would like the generated report not to display the pathand seq file for each test sequence . How do i acheive this! , i am not familiar with xml.

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Hi Ian,


I believe you have spoken with James on this issue, however I wanted to reply here for the benefit of the rest of the community.


It is possible to remove the reference to the main sequence path and sequence file name by editing the xml style sheet.


In horizontal.xsl, search for and comment out all references to "Begin Sequence" and "End Sequence" to remove those mentions within the final report.


Then save this custom style sheet and referenced this by going to Configure > Results Processing in TestStand, and selecting in the configuration, XML Document, and for the Style Sheet select the custom .xsl file that you created. This can be seen in image 1.


Kind Regards


Aidan H

Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Is there any chance we can also do the same removal thing for the html format? 


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This post should be in a new thread.  If you have follow up questions, start a new thread.


To answer your question, you can go into 

C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\TestStand 2012\Components\Models\TestStandModels

and modify reportgen_html.seq to add/remove whatever you like.


Pulido Technologies LLC

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