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I would like to add a prompt which will allow a short comment such as, Pre-ESS Functional Test, which will automatically be written to the Test Report.

I would like to add a prompt to my sequence which allows the operator to enter a comment such as, what temperature cycle, Pre-Conformal Coat, etc.  The part I do not know how to do is to get the comment to  the test report.  I am using the sequential process model.  Any suggestion would be most appreciated. 

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You could use a Message Popup step with the Response String option enabled (on the Options tab of the step settings). If you're using one of the default report formats, this will automatically be logged to the report because the response string is stored in the Result container.


If you would rather use a custom step type, you can create your own dialog and either:

  • Store the operator's text in a custom field in the Result container with the IncludeInReport flag set
  • Store the operator's text in the Result.ReportText container, which is logged in the default reports
  • Use the Additional Results functionality of the step to add the operator text variable to the report

Hope this helps!

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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