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I want to show previous test result on uut screen?


I'm using Test Stand 2013. I want to show previous uut result on new uut screen. How can i do it? Which variable can i use for it?

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Hello ergin,


I'm a little confused by what you're asking. If you "Test UUT's" under execute you can run your test on multiple UUT's and the report at the end will show the results for all devices. Is this what you want?

Jonathan L.
Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I changed parallel test uut screen. I skipped original dialog and i add message pop up for uut serail number entry. I want to show previous uut result on message popup

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You could store the previous results using the PostUUT callback (or near that if you are changing the process model directly) and store the result status in a FileGlobal indexed by testsocket index. For example something like:




To make sure the array is big enough you could dynamically size it somewhere using SetNumElements() once you know how many testsockets there are.


Hope this helps,


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