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I want to generate a second report in Test Stand.

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I have a test fixture that is running production units and is generating reports as I have defined with no trouble. It is now desired that I create a "summary" report as well. So I have the original report that gets generated with all the details of the tests that were performed. Now a report that basically shows what tests were performed and the pass/fail status of each only also be generated. I know I can go in and do this writing to an Excel spreadsheet or something similar. I was just wondering if there was a way native to Test Stand that it could be done first.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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There are a few ways you could do this.  I think the easiest way would be to create a second report.  In this second report, you could uncheck the box for "Include Step Results" or maybe uncheck the boxes for "Include Test Limits" and/or "Include Measurements".  


Another way would be to point your second report to a different stylesheet (if XML or ATML).  The other stylesheet is modified to only show a summary instead of every step.


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Right I understand that is what I need to do. How do I instruct TestStand to create the summary report? Right now I am using the Report Generation screen to setup the default report? How do I make Test Stand also create a second report with different options? So basically out of each test there will be two reports for the same test. You will have the detailed report and the summary report for each test. I am just trying to figure out how to generate the summary results report.




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Accepted by trosier

To create the second report, go to Configure->Result Processing and click on the "+".  You will be able to modify your second report as needed.  


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What version of TestStand are you using?  Anything after 2012 uses plugins to generate reports.  Before that you couldn't natively generate 2 reports at once like that.


In the newer version of TestStand if you go to Confgure>>Result Processing... you should be able to add a second report.  And then you can do what pulido suggested where on the second report you disable pretty much everything.  If that isn't sufficient you either need to make your own plugin or create a stylesheet (as suggested) which will only display the information you want.


Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the info. I looked on the Result Processing screen earlier and didn't realize the Show More Options box was unchecked. Thanks again for the help. This will work just fine.

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I am using Test Stand 2013. So the solution above works just fine. I just had to look a little harder. Thanks for the reply.

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