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I need to create a new custom types pallet for a separate project


I would like to create a new types pallet for a new project say project #2.  I currently have an existing project say project #1 that has its own custom step types.  I try to clear out the types pallet for project #2 so that I can start fresh but it will also clear out the type pallet for project #1.  How can I create a seperate MyTypes.ini for project #2?  Is it possible?

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Hi BCH63,


 There are some issues with creating multiple MyTypes.ini files since two concurring files with create a Type Conflict. Is there something unique in your application that requires multiple ini files since you can create multiple custom steps and actions in a single ini file?


I’ve also attached a white paper on an overview of Types in TestStand that explains Type Conflicts with INI files.




Ali S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments


Ali S.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks for the response.  Yes, we could add a new layer to the types menu for this new project.  I was hoping I could tell TestStand where to find mytypes.ini.  That way I could have a project specific mytypes.  I'm not sure if it is possible to define where TestStand finds its global configuration files.

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Maybe there is another solution on handling type pallete files: Do NOT use them.

Just read discussion on this thread








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