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I have problem with Terminated step status


I creating test template, I have own step type(ini-file) & I have coded LabVIEW template for step. All my test steps are semi-automatic, so every test should show user dialog.

Now I have stucked middle of following problem:

My test function evaluates status inside of LV code and
it writes status string to Test Stand (Step.Result.Status)-> Passed and Failed working fine, The Sequence status is Passed or Failed

But when I write Terminated to the Step.Result.Status, then the step status is terminated, but:
1. the sequence continue running.
2. and the sequence status is not terminated.

Where elsewhere I should write status Terminated?
Why Test sequence execution continue?

I found one example sequence (Terminate
Execution.seq) in this discussion forum, where testfunction Calls following method: RunState.Execution.Terminate.

It really teminates the sequence, but it does not work as Test Stand editor's Terminate Execution -button. I mean it does not open raport after termination.

I can't use TestStand teminate button, because all my dialogs are modal (customer wants that user can access only one UI at same time).

I noticed also that I have same problem with Status Error?

My Test Stand version is 3.0
And my LabVIEW version is 7.0

Thanks, in advance,

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JP -
To terminate or abort an execution you must call Execution.Terminate() or Execution.Abort(). If you call this, I believe the step status will end up showing the change of execution state.

Scott Richardson (NI)
Scott Richardson
National Instruments
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Hello, I am having a somewhat similar problem. In the Pass/Fail Step Property, under the Post-Actions tab, I have set On-Fail => Terminate Execution. But even when the step fails, the sequence continues to run (please see the attached vi, that am using to qualify my pass/fail)
How can I relay the step failure from LabView VI to TestStand, also how do I add the measurements that I am taking into the TS Report?
I am using TS 3.1 and LV7.1
Please help.
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The VI you posted does not have any external input or output connectors.  TestStand does not have any way of saving the information that you are writing in the VI.  I also noticed that you are using the legacy method of writing a VI.  With LV 7.1, you can now pass an arbitrary number of parameters to and from the VI.  I suggest, creating a LabVIEW VI by using the LabVIEW templates.  Insert a Numeric Limit test, and choose to Specify Module for the step.  Under that panel, select Create VI.  This will create a template VI that your numeric limit tests should look like.  You will notice that it passes the numeric information from your VI into Step.Result.Numeric.  This will be evaluated by the Status Expression of the step to determine whether the measurement is within the given limits.  The result of the Status Expression will determine the pass/fail status of the step.  The Post Action is then evaluated and the execution should be terminated as you expect.

Please feel free to post any questions you have.


Tyler Tigue
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Message Edited by Tyler T. on 05-09-2006 12:37 PM

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