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I have problem reading DAQ with NI cRio 9039 controller

I am using NI cRio 9039 controller in order to read some data from analogue-in NI9234 DAQ.
Unfortunately, I cannot see the NI 9234 on my LabVIEW software. I am using 2017 version, when I use NI max I can monitor the NI cRio 9039 controller only without the installed NI 9234 DAQ, I tried to change the DAQ location in the controller to another port or using another type of DAQ (such as NI 9234), but still unable to monitor the DAQ with LabVIEW despite that LabVIEW software has all the required drivers. it looks like controller is not able to read the DAQ ( only the power led is on, nothing else of the led indicators).
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Your question should be posted on the Real-Time Measurement and Control board.

cRIO-9039 does not support NI-DAQmx driver. You can only use Scan Mode or FPGA Mode. See FPGA Programming Mode or Real-Time Scan Mode in Take Your First Measurement in LabVIEW Real-Time (Data Logging)


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