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I get the message: "LabVIEW 15 is not installed" when trying to load a .vi

I have a .vi file that I would like to load and use as an action step.  I have selected the .vi path but I get a message saying the LabVIEW version 15.0 is not installed.  I have already downloaded the 2015 runtime for LabVIEW.  Is it because im using teststand 2010?  Attached is the .vi file.  Any help on this matter would be appreciated thank you.

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Hi BCH63,


Could I ask how you have your adapter configured? Go to Configure >> Adapters... >> Select LabVIEW >> Configure...


This will let you edit what Teststand will use to run LabVIEW code. It sounds like you might have LabVIEW Development System selected instead of LabVIEW Run-Time Engine. In that case, Teststand will look for a full version of LabVIEW, fail to find it, and then throw an error message.

Dale S.
RF Systems Engineer - NI
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As already replied there are two ways to run this vi in TestStand.

1) Using the LV development - for this you should have the LV installed on the machine and it should be => than the vi version you will be calling.


2) Using LV Runtime - You need LV-RTE ( LV runtime engine) of that particular VI version under test.Some of the LVRTE is automatically installed by the TestStand.Other wise you can install it from online.Its free.


You can select the option from the adapter configuration. (Configure-->Adapters).



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