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I.e. entire BT address wont print on report

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I am currently struggling with having the called on commands printed onto the UUT report in a one-liner. I can get them printed on the report separate, using several of the CSP String Value Test functions, but would like to add them all together into one long string. I currently do not know how to concentrate the strings. Pleas see attached picture.

Thanks in advance, BR Andedam! 

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Are you able to post your sequence?

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Thanks, I have attached my sequence

BR Andedam

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I must confess I am still not sure what you are trying to do.  Please see the attached.  I have changed your four Tests to Actions and have added a String Value test afterwards.  I have configured the Data Source of the new test to the concatenated results strings from the 4 Actions.

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Hello, first thanks for the reply, although please ignore this post. I have posted a new more detailed post regarding the problem;


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