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Howto disable tracing into process model callback with popup?

I've enabled my process model's 'ProcessModelPostStepRuntimeError' callback and have made some modifications to present more user-friendly error message popups. 


The steps in top-level sequence file that executes are *only* sequence calls into other sequence files.  I currently have it such that all sequence call steps have tracing *disabled* such that tracing only shows progress on the top-level sequence file.


This all works great UNTIL an error occurs and execution redirects into 'ProcessModelPostStepRuntimeError'.  When this happens, the sequence editor dives into the guts of the contents of this process model callback no matter what I do.  In Station Options --> Execution, only 'Enabled Tracing' is checked, all the sub-boxes for tracing are unchecked.  In fact, even if I completely uncheck 'Enable Tracing' the same context switch into the guts of the process model happens with the yellow arrow pointing at the step that executes the popup!


The behavior I *want* is having the execution window remain at the top level sequence file, the yellow arrow points to the sequence call step that generated the error within.  The right most column show the red 'ERROR' status next to this sequence call step and  the error popup messages appears.


Is this achievable on TS 2014 SP1?  What about newer versions?

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Hi Sean,

Before you modified the 'ProcessModelPostStepRuntimeError' callback, did you see the same behavior? Or did the execution window remain at the top level sequence file?

Christine B
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Can you attach a basic example that shows the behavior? I tested this out, and only see tracing in the callback if the "Allow Tracing into Pre/Post-Step Callbacks" setting is enabled.


It will be difficult, if at all possible to get the "Status" column to show Error before the engine callback is done because the step will not have populated the step result by then and in your case, the sequence would need to complete before that status is populated.


Hope this helps!

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Hi all,

First, thank you for trying to recreate this and your suggestions.

I found the culprit and I'm not exactly sure what to make of it. 

The problem was a step in my PostStepRuntimeError callback which does a "Refresh Execution Display" via the ActiveX call UIMsg_RefreshWindows 

I first created this callback in 2016 so I don't exactly recall why I put this step in there but I suspect I got this from some NI example TestStand code.


The odd thing is that I can't seem to recreate this effect using a minimal sequence file that generates an error calling into the template/default Sequential Process Model and altered only to have the Error callback I'm using.


The good news is that if I set run-mode to "Skip" on this Refresh step inside my custom process model, then I no longer see the trace execution dive into the process model.  I also don't get to see the Status bar next to the sequence call that created the error have a red 'Error' bar but that's not very important since we immediately terminate after an error anyway.

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