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How to use 2 array to plot a XY graph

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I use for loop in teststand2014 to get 2 arraies with same loop indicator as attachment(Vi_array=input voltage, Po_array= output power).

how can i build a XY graph with these 2 arraies, Vi_array as X and Po_array as Y?


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Accepted by johnnnywang

You can create a 2 dimensional array out of the 2 arrays you mentioned and use the "DataLayout" and "DataOrientation" attributess for the new array you generated. Please have a look at the attached sequence file created using TestStand 2010 version to know how it can be done. I have tested the graphs in XML reports.

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National Instruments
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     I've tried with this sample with TS2014, it works well.

but i don't know why i get 2 seperate curve in TS2013, attached the graph and the seq file. please help to check again. thank you very much!

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excuse me, I've add atributs of the array as attachment, but curve still in 2

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Hi, I try to use the way you provided but I am also getting curves with many lines. Do you have any ideas about this?
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