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How to tell when a teststand sequence ends in the Simple UI?

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Hello Community,


32-bit Teststand 2014

32-bit Labview 2015


I am using the Labview version of Teststand Simple UI.


Where in the Teststand Simple UI can I tell when a sequence file is finished running?

I want to perform an event handler when a sequence ends that will trigger a value change of a control.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you 

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I believe that the best option for you is with the UI messages, please refer to this link in order to learn more about it:


Luis G.

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You could also override the EndExecution event of the ApplicationMgr control. This event is called when an execution ends. You can create a callback within the Register Event Callbacks VI of the user interface to handle the event.

Daniel E.
TestStand Staff Product Support Engineer
National Instruments
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I ended up using the UI messages.

I couldn't get the EndExecution event of the ApplicationMgr control to work, but I did give it a try.


Thank you both for your help! Smiley Happy

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