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How to specify environment when using custom OI

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Can you elaborate on why this didn't work?

I tried setting the "TestStand" environment variables of a cmd.exe instance to my AppData and PubDocs folders. When I ran seqedit.exe from that cmd.exe I was hoping the engine would use those environment variables and launch in a fake Global environment that I had overridden.

That didn't work Smiley Sad I guess seqedit has hardcoded Global environment settings?


How are the default folders setup?

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Hold up...
That link you sent before had a snippet that I didn't think would work, but did.
I created an instance of IEngineInitializationSettings class in LabVIEW and used SetEnvironmentPath() before calling ApplicationManager.GetEngine() and it worked.
The instance of ApplicationManager was likely already loaded at the point where I called SetEnvironmentPath(), so I figured it would not work, but it did! So I can use that in my TSUI to set the environment.

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You'll want to call it before ApplicationMgr.Start(). It should throw an exception if you try to set it after that.

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Good tip!

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Hi rfdecarre11, how do you create an instance of IEngineInitializationSettings class in LabVIEW?

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EngineInitializationSettings.SetEnvironmentPath wrapper in the attachment.

Michał Bieńkowski

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