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How to setup a new system using only "Base Deployment" licence


on my development computer with "TestStand Development System" i created a teststand-sequence.

The sequence is called in a custom operatorinterface using the Teststand API.


Now i have a second PC where i only want to activate the "Base Deployment" licence and execute the sequence in my custom operatorinterface.


But: How can i configure here teststand for things like:



-Model options

-Station options

-Result folder



Or is the only way doing this by manually copying the CFG-directory?


Or do i have to activate at the beginning a development-licence for setting up everything and changing it to base when everything is running?



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Could you add that folder to your deployment or a test stand workspace?

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Hello Onlyone,


Probably this article Transferring Configuration Files to a New Version of TestStand should help you to perform this.


Also, review this one: Solved: Location of StationGlobals variables - NI Community


But if it doesn't help, you should have done it manually.


Best Regards.

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