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How to set user privileges in TS2022 correctly?

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I am using TS2022 Q4. When setting the administrator privileges -> GrandAll -> True (see 1.)

I would assume I can change any Locals and FileGlobals variables when running the example UI with "TestStand 2022 (64-bit) C# UI - Editor.lnk"

from "C:\Users\Public\Documents\National Instruments\TestStand 2022 (64-bit)\UserInterfaces\Full-Featured\CSharp" when logged in as Administrator (see 2.).





Now when I try to change any variable it it greyed out and it can not be changed. When setting a breakpoint a running the sequence, it is possible to change any vaiable.

When running the UI with "TestStand 2022 (64-bit) C# UI - Operator.lnk" I can change it without problem.


Does anyone know what is the problem here?





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Hi Norick17

When you are using TestStand Sequence Editor and you logged on as Administrator or with an user with Administrator rights, then:
It is not possible to insert additional steps into a sequence during the Execution of that sequence or of any other sequence in the same SequenceFile which is run.




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Thanks for the reply - understood now.

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