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How to send the output of one step as input to next step

Hello All,
               I have a question that how to send the output of the first step as the input to the next step.
 for e.g
              consider a test sequence as below,
  1.battery ON.
  2. read Voltage
  3. Check battery voltage.
 as initially the battery gets ON when ever the test starts. in the second step it reads the voltage. let us assume that the voltage is 11.5V,
in the third step we r checking/validating that battery voltage in the range 11V to 12 V. . I mean if the vloltage value is  less than 11V or greater than 12V te test has to FAIL.
 so in order to check that voltage we need to send the voltage read from the second step.
so how can I send the voltage read from the second step to the third step so that I can check the battery voltage test.
kindly suggest me this using LabVIEW/Test stand.
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Why do you need the third step, if the second step is a Numeric Limit Test step type, you can setup the limits of this step for your required limits of 11V and 12V. Your result is returned from your VI to Step.Results.Numeric which will be evaluated in the Status Expression giving you a Pass / Fail status.
Look at the example TestStand\examples\demo\..\Computer Motherboard Test\computer.seq
But to answer your reoriginal question, some additional information is required.
What are your inputs and outputs assigned to in TestStand, do you use the Step properties, Locals, FileGlobals?
Ray Farmer
Ray Farmer
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Hi Ray,
            Thanks  for your answer. I have one more question
 wt is the  best way to  send data from one step to another.
Is it Step properties  or Locals or FileGlobals.
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It depends,

If the steps follow each other, then for example, you can use RunState.PreviousStep or RunState.NextStep.

If they dont then you have to use RunState.Sequence.Main["step name"] or pass it to Locals/Parameters/FileGlobals/StationGlobals.

Hope this helps


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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      Thanks Ray will look into that and get back to you if i have queries.
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Hi Ray,
             I went through the example provided by you.
    But that doesn't solve my problem.
Let us consider this example.
 1. Add 2 numbers. let us consider (A+B=C)
 2 Multiply 2 munbers i.e (X*Y=Z)
 3 At this step i need to add the results of first and second steps i.e  ( C+Z)
So i need to send the result of step one and two as input for the third step ...
As you have mentioned that the result of the VI will be stored in "step.result.Numeric" but can you let me how to to send this parameter to the third step. and what are the necessary step i need to follow to perform this operation. please let me know as soon as possible.
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Attached example hopely help you

Check out the text in the MessagePopup.


Ray Farmer

Ray Farmer
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