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How to populate a TestStand List Box from a LabView VI?

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I agree, not using the TestStand UI at all makes you miss out on a lot of the features that TestStand provides.

I will give the TestStand UI a shot, having a button where you get a popup and put your configurations seems ok.


There is an interest in having data being persistent between runs, so i will go with saving configurations to file.


After a bit of searching and trying, i cannot seem to find how to open a LabVIEW VI from a TestStand UI button, do you have an example or a pointer as to how this is done?

Or did you mean having the configure button in a separate LabVIEW UI? And then starting the TestStand UI from the LabVIEW UI?

I have seen that you can start a TestStand UI and open a certain sequence file through command line arguments.

This could be another solution, to set up the test in a LabVIEW GUI and then start the TestStand UI from it, and have it read parameters from file.

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You can mix and match TestStand and LabVIEW controls on the same front panel.  I figured the button would just be a LabVIEW button that opened a LabVIEW dialog.  No TestStand on that portion of the  GUI.


However, use the manager controls and TestStand controls to execute the sequence and display status to the user.



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Oh, of course.


Thank you for all your replies!

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