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How to modify the loop on selected steps dialog?

Hi all,
In the OI there's an option to run the selectep steps repeatedly for specific number of times. There to get the loop count from the user there's a 'Loop on Selected Steps' pop-up. I would like to know if there's any way to modify this window or replace this window with my own this window that will ask only for the loop count and will not have any other options.
I also tried out another option to set the loop count. There's an option to set the LoopOnSelectedSteps Count either through entrypoint or ExecutionViewMgr or SequenceFileViewMgr. I had tried out setting this options but do not know why it did not work out. Is there any specific event under which this option has to be mentioned? I tried specifying this option under ExecutionViewMgr_ExecutionChanged, ApplicationMgr_StartExecution, ApplicationMgr_UIMessageEvent (for the UIMsg - UIMsg_StartInteractiveExecution) and ApplicationMgr_PreCommandExecute (for the Command Kind - CommandKind_RunEntryPointOnSelectedSteps). I had created my own InteractiveArgs and specified the LoopCount in it. But i found that immaterial of the loop count that i had set, the execution is being done only once.
Please let me know if the approach is right or there any other way to achieve this?
Thanks and  Regards,
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Hey Madhu,

This can be done with a lot of work on your part.  I refer you to the tutorial found here.  This tutorial explains how to customize the OI to handle UI Messaging doing something similar to what you want to achieve.  I recommend reading this tutorial thoroughly and understanding UI Messaging before tackling your situation.  Basically, you can change the menu when a user right clicks on a step in the sequence.  Then you will have to send different messages based on what they enter. 

Also note that at the end of the tutorial there is a link to the finished OI.  You could just modify that one if you wanted to or use code from it.

Good luck,

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