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How to manage a debug deployment in a production environment

One of the advantages of the Base Deployment is that the test station is locked down, for example operators cannot open and edit LabVIEW VIs. AFAIK a debug test station is wide open like a development machine, except for TestStand User Manager restrictions.


How can I have a test station that is locked down, and then open it up for debug as needed? Dual booting the computer seems like a solution. Or maybe just have an open debug station and trust the trained operators to not mess with it. Can anyone share their solutions? Thanks.


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Hi DowNow_,


Are there features you need that are not currently in the NI TestStand User Management options? I know you can restrict editing sequence files as one of the options in the NI TestStand User Management.


Dual booting may present some problems because, if I am not mistaken, you would need an external storage location in order to share any code modules that are needed by both hard drive partitions (or separate hard drives).


Let me know if you have some specific restrictions that I may be overlooking. 

Sam Burhans
Senior Product Manager
National Instruments
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You make a good point about TestStand editing. That really leaves only the issue of LabVIEW development environment allowing uncontrolled editing of VIs.
Personally I'm good debugging with base deployment, however I have worked with many companies who want full debug capability.

Here’s my refined questions,


1. Can I create one deployment image that works both with TestStand Base Deployment license and Debug license? Do I have to add anything special other than the Sequence Editor to get TestStand to run as debug?

2. If I install LabVIEW development environment onto the same machine as the deployment image in 1, will I be able to step into and edit LabVIEW VIs? (As long as I set the LabVIEW adapter to development.)


Then the debug station would be locked down with TestStand User Manager and LabVIEW adapter set to runtime. And it would have the same TestStand and LabVIEW and support files as all the base deployment machines. Does that sound logical to you? Thanks

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