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How to make status come up as "Passed" and not "Failed"



I do not understand why my sequence passes the first initial step, but then fails the Subsequently two steps. I don't seem to be able to change any limits.

I have attached a picture of this (and the sequence file)

Thanks in advance!

BR Andedam

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The 3 steps shown in your picture are CSP_PassFail steps. Since I don't have that step type, I'm just guessing on how it evaluates whether it passes, but my guess is it's based on whatever you have in the "Data Source" tab in Step Settings.. It looks like the two steps that fail have the same PassFail statement, so I would look at that and see why it would be saying False.


This is your statement:


Str(Step.CSP.SequenceParameters.Output.Waveform[4],"%x") == "94" && Str(Step.CSP.SequenceParameters.Output.Waveform[6],"%x") == "16"


It could be as simple as you need to wrap another Parenthesis around things like this:


(Str(Step.CSP.SequenceParameters.Output.Waveform[4],"%x") == "94") && (Str(Step.CSP.SequenceParameters.Output.Waveform[6],"%x") == "16")


But I'm not sure what you are trying to determine, but start there. That statement itself is returning False.


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