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How to hide data in custom step so that test developer can't modify it in any expressions



I'm trying to create a custom step where I have few set of data which test sequence developer can edit in TestStand (using pre-expression), but I also have other set of data which test developer should not be editing from TestStand (forbid in TestStand).  How can I achieve this?



  1. Test developer configure the custom step with Edit VI.
  2. Edit VI saves the configuration to the step (like Step.Properties).
  3. Then on top of it test developer edits the same configuration in his pre-expression, which is causing workflow confusions.
  4. Finally when he runs the sequence, it confuses which configurations is running and which is not.  Whether one selected in Edit VI or one given in pre-expression.







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Hello Ajayvignesh,


You can add custom data to the custom step in Types window.

If you added the custom data,  then right click on it, you can select Properties, select Advanced, the you can select the Flags for PropFlags_Hidden and PropFlags_HiddenInTypes.

If you have in TestStand the property unchecked to Show hidden properties, then these will be unvisible for the user.



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