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How to get the name of Sequence from SequenceFile? NI TestStand

Hello everyone!


I'm a new NI TestStand user. In a project that I'm working on, I need to get the names of sequence in my sequence file. If you refer to the variables, RunState.SequenceFile.Data.Seq we can see the available sequence. Question is, how do extract the names of the sequence and store it in a variable. I would greatly appreciate your help.


Thanks alot




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Try RunState.SequenceFile.Data.Seq.AsPropertyObject.GetSubProperties()

to retrieve the sequences and retrieve the name using AsPropertyObject.Name

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I tried using RunState.SequenceFile.Data.Seq.AsPropertyObject.Name, but what I got is the name of the array that the Sequence are stored in which is 'seq'. Not exactly what I'm trying to achieve but it gives me a good starting point. I've attached the file for you to have a look at. I wanted to extract the name of the sequence such as 'Main_sequence', 'Seq_1','Seq_2' etc.

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I won't have access to my TestStand installation until Monday, will check then

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