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How to get the entry point in the ActiveX/COM adaptor

below is the description of the Demo of using the ActiveX/COM to call new seq . 

API Demo
1. Manually add a Message Popup step to the MainSequence of a
new sequence file. Save the sequence file as launch.seq.
2. Create another sequence file and save the file as caller.seq.
3. In the MainSequence of the caller.seq file, add Action steps
using the ActiveX/COM Adapter to call into the TestStand API and
launch the launch.seq file in a new execution.You might need the
following two methods to complete this step.
. Engine.GetSequenceFileEx
. Engine.NewExecution


so the question as follows:

1.i call the method of get sequencefileEx

2. call the method of getmodlesequenceFile the method of evalEntryPointNameExpression the method of NewExecution.


but at the step of 3. i haven't get the entry point.

so how to solve this issue? thanks


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1) If you aren't using a very old version of TestStand, there is no need to use the ActiveX adapter to call the TestStand API. The TestStand API can be called directly from an expression (e.g. using a statement step).


2) Even 1) is unnecessary, you can create a new execution just by using a sequence call step. Just create a sequence call step and configure it to call into a New Execution.


3) Also, if you are just curious what you are doing wrong (even though you should probably be using a sequence call step rather than the API) you are calling EvalEntryPointNameExpression on the current sequence. That is not correct you should be calling it on the sequences of the process model sequence file. You would have to enumerate those via the API for the SequenceFile.


Hope this helps,


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Hi Doug

Thanks for your help.

I have solved this issue.

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