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How to get Socket Time shown in OI in Sequence Editor?

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Hello Everyone,


Is it possible to get the socket time shown in the default NI Semiconductor Test Operator Interface of NI in Sequence Editor?

OI Socket Time.png

Is there any expression in Sequence Editor that can get this socket time in Operator Interface?

How can I include this Socket Time in the STDF generated by Result Processing in Sequence Editor?

ThanksSTDF Result Processing.png



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I believe this will be possible, I'm going to dig into the OI this morning to determine how we can get this value and log it to the STDF.  I'll send a follow up later today after I get the chance to look into this deeper.


Jon F.

Applications Engineer


Jon F.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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Hi rntorres,


The socket time is already included in the STDF log in the PRR record under the TEST_T field (recorded in milliseconds). Are you looking to use this value for anything in particular?

Steven Gloor
Staff Customer Engineer - CTA, CLD
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Hello Gloorious,


When I checked the Test time included in the STDF file it seems that it is much faster compared to the Socket Time that OI shows. Yes I would like to include it in seperate file for reporting 



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Hello Jon F.,

 thanks for your response. Is there a particular expression in Sequence Editor which will can I get the Socket Time?

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Accepted by topic author rntorres_GPSynergia

The socket execution time is stored in the TestResultsPropertyObject. One way to access this object is through the MainSequenceResult parameter in the Model Plugin - UUT Done entrypoint. The TS.TotalTime property records the total amount of time it took to execute the MainSequence Callback of your test code. This is the value included in the default reports.


The OI is displaying the Average Socket Time of the entire batch execution, which it obtains from the Semiconductor Module Manager.


I hope this helps. 

Steven Gloor
Staff Customer Engineer - CTA, CLD
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Thanks Steven. I've already verified that the Socket Time is being logged in the STDF generated by Sequence Editor Result Processing.

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