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How to external sequence call withput full path?

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i have a sequence call that calls an external file in a subdirectory of the current sequence.

c:\test\mySequence.seq calls



The full path & filename is fix written in the sequence call.


if i now rename c:\test into c:\new the also the path to the subsequnce is invalid.


Is there way to change this? The name of the subdiretory of the subsequence is the same.

Something like %PathOfCurrentSeq%\sub\mySUBSequence.seq




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Hi OnlyOne,


It sounds like you need to set the call to the Sub sequence to use a relative path.


e.g.  I have the Sequence C:\Users\Steve B Dev\Desktop\CallerSequence.seq that calls the sequence C:\Users\Steve B Dev\Desktop\Sub\mySUBSequence.seq.  When I am configuring the call to mySUBSequence.seq in CallerSequence.seq I delete C:\Users\Steve B Dev\Desktop from the File Pathname as shown below.  This makes the path relative and then you can move the two sequences around to any folder you like as long as mySUBSequence.seq lives in a folder called Sub directly below where CallerSequence.seq is saved.




Hope this helps



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