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How to edit my Test sequence at run time from a GUI

Is it possible to change the test steps of the sequence to be modified/edited through a gui at run time. in this case i dont want to compile the test sequence again. if yes then how can it be achieved using teststand/labview? Thanks in advance for the answers.
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I have same kind of problem as Mrinal. I am trying to configure step insterted programmatically into a TestStand sequence using LabVIEW. The step i need to configure is NI_Flow_ForEach and things i need to configure are array to use and where to store current element of the array. All the configuring needs to be done from LabVIEW. Is it possible?

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Configuring a Sequence from LabVIEW is possible.  I suggest using the existing Operator Interfaces because it will require alot less work than building something from scratch.  The Operator Interface performs operations using Command objects.  It also provides the ability to implement Custom Commands.  Using Custom Commands you can add functionality such as configuration for specific steps.  The Adding Custom Commands to the LabVIEW OI describes how to Edit Numeric Limits from the OI.  You should be able to easily convert this over to edit specific steps such as the ForEach step type.

Let me know if you have specific questions.


Tyler Tigue
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for help, everything works now Robot Happy
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