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How to do 'Unload all models' programatically?

I wish to perform 'Unload all models' upon the completion of my sequence. 
Is there a way to do it programatically?
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Yes, you can call the method Engine.UnloadAllModules.  One way this call could be added would be to add the postUUT callback to your sequence file and then add an ActiveX/COM action using this method to the postUUT sequence.

The TestStand API Reference Guide located in the TestStand help has information on this method and many others.  Searching within the TestStand help for "unload modules" will also return more information about this method.

Feel free to ask if you need help creating a callback or doing a method call.

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So what Object Reference should be used when using this method (Engine.UnloadAllModules)?

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You can use a Statement step in TestStand and simply use RunState.Engine.UnloadAllModules().

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The problem I am having is I am getting an error when I close TestStand (see attachment), but when I use the File pull-down menu to Unload All Modules, the problem goes away???



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This would suggest that you are not deallocating memory / closing references in one or more of your code modules (vi, dll may be?)

I would skip some sections of the code to narrow it down.

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That can sometimes happen if you have code that is attempting to call into a dll after it has already been unloaded. That should normally not ever happen. But perhaps you have code that calls into a dll when something gets cleaned up for shutdown that doesn't own a strong reference to a dll or appdomain thus not keeping it loaded.



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