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How to display result banner in parallel model similar to sequential model

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I need to display similar pass/fail/error and terminate banners that comes with sequential model when I use parallel model. Test sequence is run in parallel or sequential model based on UUT being tested.

As I have overridden PreUUT callback in parallel model, I am unable to use default modelsupport2.dll implementation of these banners when I copy it from sequential model to parallel model.

Is there a way to use these? or should new banners created in LabVIEW to call in PostUUT callback? Just need banners to look identical with test sequence is run with either model.




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Hey ,


the result banners from sequential model work in parallel model as well. 


..BUT, do not use them in parallel model! those banners do not display socket number / UUT id, so an operator wont know which socket it refers to. Simply create your own custom banner in PostUUT and include that information on the panel.  





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