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How to create a type library from Visual C++ .Net

A complete answer! Thanks.

The problem was that I was using Extern "C".
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I know this topic is 10+ years old but I've a similar issue....


I've TestStand 2012 and I've Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional. I've developed several C DLLs using .DEF file to exports their entry points ('I've also extern "C" in their include files).


I've understood that in this configuration in order to TestStand to recognize the parameters of each function I need to embed a type library in the DLL.


What I'm missing is how I can do it...


How can I generate a tbl file starting from my DLLs? Do I need to write them by hand?


How can I modify my DLL MSVC2010 projects in order to add to them the missing Type Library?


Thank you very much.



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