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How to create a build-in User-StepType

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One year ago i posted a question on creating a "build-in" user StepType. 

I got in contact with in NI, but then I had some other task to solve and no time disscuss this more deeper.


Now there is a new project and it makes sense to start discussion again.

Please visit the old thread to get some data about the requirements.


I like to disscuss it public here because all members should profit from it.


Question1: Is it possible to create "build-in" StepTypes ?

if yes Question2: Which environment do i need ?








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Hi Jürgen,


I would like to help you with this issue. What exactly do you mean by "build-in"? In TestStand 4.2 you can create Custom Step Types.


Please give me some more information. 


Have a nice day!




Matteo Bax

Application Engineer

NI Germany

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Juergen -


The ability to develop edit panels for your own custom step types is not currently supported. However, we are interested in hearing from any customer looking for such functionality in regards to what their use case might be.


Hope this helps.

Manooch H.
National Instruments
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Hi Matteo


To get more Information about built in step types take a look at chapter 4 of TS reference manual.

Or better try an example if you have TS 4.0 just add a wait step you will see that are is a only a button in the step settings panel. If you click it. A Popup panel will occur

where you can add your stuff. This is the same for all user step types.  


Now let do this in TS4.2 you will see there is no button! All your stuff is placed inside the Teststand editor. This is called built-in





Sessions NI-Week 2017 2016
Feedback or kudos are welcome
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Accepted by topic author j_dodek


see here




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