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How to create MessagePopup with more than 6 buttons?

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in the normal "Message Popup" teststep i can set up to 6 buttons.

Is there a way to increase this? I need ~10 buttons.


Thanks for help

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Accepted by topic author OnlyOne
05-15-2019 03:09 AM

Hi OnlyOne,


You can find my solution to this problem here: Re: Message PopUp Maximum Button


I hope this helps,

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In most cases, you would implement a custom module for this.

The main reason is that a popup with >5 buttons is already VERY questionable. The main reason is: You have FIVE different options to CLOSE the dialog. As a user, i dislike designs like that a lot.


I recommend to create a module with checkboxes or radio buttons and only up to three "normal" buttons (OK, Cancel, Help).

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